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    My Grand Dad (My Mom's Father)...

    September 24,2023 01:13am

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    Vernon Tissera was PD or SD here c.1954. I think SD was more likely.

    September 21,2023 01:29am

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    P.S. Mike Ruxton is a son of Andrew William Ruxton.

    September 19,2023 11:16am

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    Andrew William Ruxton arrived in Ceylon about 1910. He worked for 35 years for Carson & Co. (silver salver presented in 1945).

    September 19,2023 11:14am

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    Dear Mr Kenneth Reeves,

    September 16,2023 01:11pm

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    September 08,2023 09:55am

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    Denis W Horn was Superintendent from 1952 to 1964

    September 03,2023 04:02pm


    Dear Mr Charnaud I spent a lovely afternoon going down memory lane & I thank you for writing this article.My husband Duncan Kreltszheim & brother in-law Freddick Kreltszheim were both planters & so my memory is rich & glorious,

    September 02,2023 04:47am

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    So many memories invoked here. I was born and lived for 8 years in Madulkele, very close to your hometown. My mother was Organist at St Mary's Madulkeke, where my father Lesley Fryer is buried. After a year of school in Ooty, I was at The Hill School, Nuwara Eliya, when my father unexpectedly died. Our estate was called St John's Hill, Madulkele. He had had the whole complex built himself, using elephants to clear the trees, etc. Unfortunately, his beloved factory developed a large crack, and was demolished around 1980. Any articles you might have would be of interest to me.

    September 01,2023 08:14am


    Dear Mr Carnaud , I am sure that you may vaguely rmember me .I am Dickie Hermon who was SD on Glenanore(Also One of the few Estates that had an average yeild of 1000Lbs per acre ) when you were appointed VA,You very kindly invited me to Luckyland to have a look around ,I brought You and Mrs Charnaud a butt of venison which she kindly served for lunch having roasted it in Foil.I still remeber the peice of advice that you gave me and which I still apply today, although I left Ceylon(Sri Lanka in 1972 from Brownlow groupas manager and Tea Manufacturing Advisor for GS & Co

    September 01,2023 07:08am

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    Am drinking Ceylon black tea for Erectile Dysfunction but I actually don't believe it works?

    August 30,2023 04:09pm

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    Hello David, this is simply to state my pleasure in assisting, to a small extent, in your efforts to put together the book Wisdom Of The Leaf and to wish you the very best for the future.

    August 20,2023 08:55am

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    Amazing 💕

    August 18,2023 01:51pm

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    Magnificent article .

    August 13,2023 12:45pm

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    The great man who introduced me & many other to George Steuart & Co Ltd . Thank you Sir !!!

    August 11,2023 01:09pm

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    I am looking for any information on a Robert and Dorothy Barnacle who managed an estate in the early 1900’s

    August 05,2023 09:18am

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    I read this article t the end with interest. It is so well written I enjoyed reading it. congratulations!

    August 01,2023 06:47am

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    Hello, My grandmother on my fathers side was alice braine. She was a teacher at st. peters college attended by my dad tony and uncle germaine. She married jerome kingsley rezel which was my maiden surname. Can you give me some information here please so i can contact you further with my email address. Thanks kindly christine sanderson (rezel) i am on facebook with my name as it is written here.

    July 21,2023 05:53pm

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    Married Winifred Mourya Goldwater in Devonport, Auckland NZ on 5 May 1933. Died in July 1937 in Battle, Sussex, England. No children from this marriage.

    July 18,2023 07:05am

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    Apologies, when I wrote this I didn't realise Lindula was also a town - Garden Watson may have been associated with a neighbouring Estate.

    July 08,2023 01:18am