• Gerry de Mel . Commented on Rayigam

    Rayigam estate is in Ingiriya in the Kalutara district. It was with Mackwoods before take over to SLPC. Gerry de Mel was assistant superintendent from 1976 to 1980.

    April 05,2020 05:53am

  • Gerry de Mel . Commented on Neuechatel

    Gerry de Mel was assistant superintendent from 1973 to 1976.

    April 05,2020 05:42am

  • Gerry de Mel . Commented on Rilhena

    Rodney de Mel was Manager of Rilhena from 1971 to 1981.

    April 05,2020 05:38am

  • Gerry de Mel . Commented on Neuchatel

    Gerry de Mel was assistant superintendent from 1973 to 1976.

    April 05,2020 05:36am

  • Gerry de Mel . Commented on Nonpareil

    Gerry de Mel was assistant superintendent in 1973

    April 05,2020 05:32am

  • Abdul Nasheer . Commented on Coconuts, curries and multiple courses: Living large in Sri Lanka

    A delightful reading, well written. Gives me an fresh warm morning feeling. Anyway I love Sri Lanka and its delicious cuisine.

    April 03,2020 01:55am


    Vicki, you've done this blog a great service by posting this article about your dad's life as a planter, thank you! My dad, Neil Ranawana, whom you mention, went through very much the same planting career with ST&L as your dad and so, to me it felt as if I was reading my dad's own account of his planting days. My dad took over Edinburgh from your dad, and my mom recalls the slaying of the KP that you describe, and how your dad handed over a gun to my dad saying he may need it to protect himself and his young family from the unruly labor. Edinburgh continued to be a troublesome labor force during my dad's time there . A group of them staged a perfect robbery of the payroll, by blasting the office safe in perfect time with the tooting of the night mail train before it left Nanu Oya station at midnight! Incidentally, you may be interested to know that my dad bought the ST&L GM's stately limousine, a Humber Hawk car, when the Company wound up its operations in Sri Lanka. I still own the car, along with a file that contains correspondence between Donald McRae and my dad about purchasing the car!

    March 22,2020 02:57pm


    A great article, more so every bit of it being an accurate account of Vivian. There was not doubt that he was agreat sportsman and an equally good planter some of the plucking slopes he mantained was the talk of the planting circles. In fairness to the Golf Club where I have been a member for many many years even before the exadous of the Ex Pats, the Golf Club was open to the Sri Lankan, if one was interested in playing Golf. I think it was the Hill Club that Vickey is refferring to which only opened the club to Sri Lankans, during and after the exerdous of the European community. In fact I too was offered free membership by my Director who was the President of the club which I refused on principle. Vivian and Charmaine and I were good friends and we used to visit each other quite often. I knew him from college days and during his tenure as a planter in Sri Lanka. I was indeed very sorry to hear of his demise followed thereafter by Charmaine

    March 10,2020 04:47pm

  • History of Ceylon Tea . Commented on John Duff-Tytler

    Thanks for the info Ken. Details have been amended.

    March 10,2020 01:42am

  • Ken Duff-Tytler . Commented on John Duff-Tytler

    The summary page is correct - my father John was Superintendent of Tembiligala Estate Including Braeside from 1956 to 1965 when he retired. . The page with annual details is incorrect for years 1962, 1963 and 1964. These details refer to my brother also named John. Submitted by Ken Duff-Tytler

    March 07,2020 11:02pm

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    I used this diet for 2 weeks:

    March 05,2020 04:14pm

  • Peter Ferry . Commented on Dickwella

    As far as I know Franklin Jacobs was the Manager in the 1980's. My family stayed at Sunnyside guest house run by his wife Jasmine.

    March 04,2020 11:20am

  • Sandra Chane . Commented on "Memories Are Made Of This" – Recollections Of Tea Planting In The “Old Days” by Vicki Vanden Driesen

    Hi Vicki
    My parents. Dicky and June Macky were friends with Uncle Vivian and Aunty Charmaine.
    It's so lovely to read this article. I recollect going to East Wind on holidays with your family.

    February 24,2019 01:30am

  • Calsy Cyril Ahmed . Commented on Black tea, not black coffee, is your best weight loss drink to reduce belly fat in without dieting

    Here's A Systematic Blueprint For Eliminating Dangerous Belly Fat And Preventing And Reversing The #1 Cause Of Diabetes, Heart Disease And Arthritis.

    February 24,2020 03:46am

  • Hamish Gunn . Commented on Elston

    My father, Alexander John (known as Alistair) was a manager of the rubber plantation at Puwakpitya until 1956. I was born in Sri Lanka and named after the company (Hamish Iain Elston Gunn). We lived in what was then the manager's bungalow at Puwakpitya.

    February 21,2020 05:30pm

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    In this page. . . => https://t.co/9LnCMLCcTn

    February 07,2020 07:23am

  • Maurice Wilkins . Commented on Melfort

    I used to work in Arduaine Garden, beside Loch Melfort, in Argyll, Scotland, which was at one time owned by the Campbell family who, I was told, owned and named the Melfort Tea Estate in Sri Lanka!

    January 29,2020 05:05pm

  • Gary Rousseau . Commented on Diabetes type 2 - the amount of tea you should drink every day to prevent high blood sugar

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    January 23,2020 12:56pm

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    this my hometown i'm provet of my ariya...

    January 23,2020 05:08am

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    January 03,2020 08:12am