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    Dewalakande factory, c.2017 comprising Dewalakande and Dehiowita estates. Prior to nationalisation Dewalakande was part of The Dewalakande Group (as such) owned by The Ceylon Tea Plantations Co., Ltd. and was in tea until 1904. In 1957 The Dewalakande Group (comprising 2035 acres) consisted of Dewalakande (Dehiowita), Dunedin (Yatiyantota) and Troy (Owned by The Ceylon Proprietary Tea Estates Co., Ltd.,) (Karawanella?) and a 234 acre block, coming under Troy, past Troy which was sold before I took over in 1966. NOTE: To be edited ASAP.

    January 27,2019 09:45pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Plantation Life

    Clerk's room, Alton estate office, c.2008. Office built adjascent to Manager's bungalow by me in 1965/66.

    January 27,2019 09:08pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Plantation Life

    c.1956 in Field 3A, 3B or 3C Dewalakande Division (I think).

    January 27,2019 09:04pm

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    January 26,2019 04:21am

  • Susan Reilly DeVore . Commented on W.H. Brymer

    Walter Brymer was married to my cousin - Gladys Milward. Gladys’ family had deep roots in Ceylon. She was related to Thomas Skinner (the great road maker) and King Herman Plumridge. I wrote about them on my blog which included historical information about tea planting in Ceylon.

    January 26,2019 04:17am

  • Ruhani Sandhu . Commented on Taste of tea paramount; Only 20% of drinkers focus on health benefits

    Thank you for sharing and spreading the word.

    January 17,2019 07:13pm

  • History of Ceylon Tea . Commented on Stephen Rowsell

    Pomas, unfortunately I have no specific records to indicate if they were related or not.

    January 14,2019 04:55am

  • History of Ceylon Tea . Commented on Tyspane Tea Co. Limited

    Richard, the only record I have for that decade is 1855 and there is no mention of "Tyspane" or Charles Murray.

    January 14,2019 04:45am

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Tyspane Tea Co. Limited

    Richard Templeton Murray: regarding your querry - unfortunately, the Ferguson's Directory does not go back that far.

    January 13,2019 09:51pm

  • Sriomal de Silva . Commented on James Taylor

    The rapid growth of the Ceylonese tea industry allowed the large tea companies to take over therefore the small farmers like Taylor were chased out from the industry. Because of this, Taylor was dismissed by the Loolecondera estate management.

    January 08,2019 04:43pm

  • Caretaker . Commented on El Teb

    Mr.I.P.venuraj is the Chief Factory Officer from 1963 to 1980

    January 06,2019 11:17am

  • Amanda Webb . Commented on A.K. Pyper

    This is my great uncle

    January 06,2019 09:43am

  • Þomas Rowsell . Commented on Stephen Rowsell

    Was this man related to Norman Rowsell and Eustace Rowsell who were also planters in Ceylon at that time?

    December 28,2018 05:30pm

  • Richard Templeton Murray . Commented on Tyspane Tea Co. Limited

    Can I be please advised if there is record of Charles Murray at Tyspane as a planter in the 1850's. Thanks Richard Murray

    December 23,2018 12:40am

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    I think this person is my ancestor, Percy Leyland. I have letters from him sent in 1919 and 1920 from Kandy. Family folklore is that he was last seen shortly before an earthquake and then never seen again. If anyone can shed any light on this I would be very grateful.

    December 01,2018 12:18am


    Ian Gardner that’s wonderful to know. Thank you, I’ll do that now.

    November 27,2018 03:25am


    Gina, send the information to the Editor via "Contact Us" at the top of this page. I knew Malcolm.

    November 26,2018 10:40pm

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    Radley Dissage Radley, if your request is to the Editor go to the top of this page and click on "Contact".

    November 26,2018 10:35pm


    Hello Richard! Good to see you here. I hope you are contented with life as it unfolds for you! I remember well your birthday party (your 21st?) when you were on Brownlow. The party broke up after dawn. I came with Duncan and Lorna Krelzheim so I must have been on Forres at the time making your party 1961/62.

    November 25,2018 09:47pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Andigama

    Errol, go to History of Ceylon Tea then to Articles and Publications and then select Fergusons Directory. From this point you can look up almost any year you want relative to Andiga (or any other estate).

    November 25,2018 09:33pm