• Colin Traill . Commented on Mr. G.F. Traill

    This entry refers to Gilbert Francis Traill who was my grandfather

    November 19,2017 10:38pm

  • Rohan Fernando . Commented on Rye/Wikiliya

    My dad was the supiritendent when Jhems Finlay owned Wikiliya he retierd in the late 70's after land reform (Dennis B L Fernando FCIP).

    November 17,2017 03:55pm

  • Iranganie Thennakoon . Commented on Kallebokka

    Can I get contact no. please

    November 14,2017 10:23am

  • History of Ceylon Tea . Commented on H F Dunbar

    Thanks Patrick - The years for Hayes are clearly incorrect and should read 1882 to 1992. Will correct this. Unfortunately we have only plantation records and no birth, marriage, death records etc, so I cannot help with your query. I do not have any other information on Dunbar's involvement in tea either, so hopefully one of our website users/visitors may come up with something. Regards, David

    November 13,2017 05:53am

  • Patrick Dunbar . Commented on H F Dunbar

    Work List date Hayes "1890-1985"must be incorrect.
    H.F. Dunbar is believed to be Hugh Fraser Dunbar born 16 August 1852, Logie, Perthshire, Scotland. His death is regestered in Croydon, Surrey, England 10 May 1896, but did he die in Ceylon-Sri Lanka?
    Any information on Dunbar involvement in the tea industry would be most welcomed. I understand a Dunbar brand of tea is available today - is this correct, and can yiu please give details?

    November 09,2017 08:43am

  • Srikumar Selvarajah Kanagaratnam . Commented on Pettiagalla

    it was owned by Petiagala Tea company when it was taken over by the government. they also owned Galkandewatte estate, Talawakale ( now a part of Great Western) and St.Helier's estate, Wattawala. Gorden Frazer and Company were their agents. The major shareholders were Federal Party / TULF leader S.J.V.Chelvanayagam and Mr. Chittambalam

    November 08,2017 10:47pm

  • Rupert Navamani . Commented on Mooloya

    My father was Chief Clerk on this estate between 1938 and 1955. As such I grew up here. Used to take long walks with friends all over the estate. Have also hiked to Nuwara Eliya with two friends using the bridal path throgh the forest in 1954
    . Strangely never met any wild animals

    November 08,2017 06:31am

  • History of Ceylon Tea . Commented on Abergeldie

    Hello Elizabeth, glad you were able to trace your grandfather. If you have any photo/s of him, please send them to me so that we can add it to his profile. Send it to [email protected] Thanks, David

    October 30,2017 03:09am

  • Raj Rasanayagam . Commented on Pettiagalla Old

    Alfred Rasanayagam- Supt 1950- 1978

    October 30,2017 01:30am

  • Kumara Soysa . Commented on Radella

    What a fine estate, bungalow, traditions, tea, standards, etc etc. It was a real pleasure t have learned work there in the early '60s.

    October 28,2017 10:23pm

  • Elizabeth Gordon . Commented on Abergeldie

    G.M Cubitt was my grandfather and it makes me so happy to finally identify the tea plantation where he lived and worked....

    October 28,2017 11:14am

  • Nonesuch Nath . Commented on Mayfield

    Did you know a Robert Copland and his wife Marjorie (nee Sutton) on Mayfield estate?

    October 21,2017 09:55am

  • Ronald De Jacolyn Seneviratne . Commented on Elkadua Group

    History of Ceylon Tea Thanks!! I was SD on Elkaduwa under State Plantations Corporations Management during the 1989/90 period.

    October 01,2017 05:24am

  • Lakshman Premathilake . Commented on Dan Seevaratnam

    Exellent sir, good eyepoener to the people who talks blindly about Glyphosate.

    September 30,2017 01:51pm

  • Ronald De Jacolyn Seneviratne . Commented on Elkadna Group

    Actually, (Elkadua Elkaduwa) Group....

    September 30,2017 12:41am

  • Ronald De Jacolyn Seneviratne . Commented on Elkadna Group

    1988-1990 L.R.A. de Jacolyn Seneviratne Assistant Manager
    Worked here under three Managers: Devaka Wikramasuriya, Edmund Dimbulana and Chandra de Silva during this period under SLSPC and the Cluster System of Management.

    September 30,2017 12:38am

  • History of Ceylon Tea . Commented on Elkadua Group

    Ronald, I just checked and could not find a listing for Elkaduwa (with a W). Apart from this listing, which is Elkadua Group, there is another which is just "Elkadua" (https://www.historyofceylontea.com/tea-estates/estates-registry/elkadua--6216.html).

    These are both clearly one and the same estate and we will merge the records into one in due course. Checking the Ferguson's records of 1992, this estate was spelt Elkaduwa, so the spelling with a W would have occured sometime after 1930. Once we commence adding the post 1930 data, these changes will no doubt be reflected. Rgds, David

    September 28,2017 08:27am

  • Ronald De Jacolyn Seneviratne . Commented on Elkadua Group

    Wonder if Elkadua and Elkaduwa in the list of Estates refer to the same property.

    September 28,2017 01:42am

  • Don Gibson . Commented on Mayfield

    Marjorie Pym Sutton ( sutton seeds ) married Robert Copland in 1917 they had a daughter Marjorie Copland, Marjorie married a Russell Bell in 1941 - All lived on Mayfield, Hatton Estate, we would be most grateful for any further information

    September 27,2017 09:12am

  • Don Gibson . Commented on Mayfield

    Dear Manik, Did you know Marjorie Copland, married a Russell Bell ? both lived on the Matfield estate.

    September 27,2017 09:00am