• Athula Perera . Commented on J D S Wickremesooriya & Co

    Intetesting reading, of those reminiscence brought alive ~ Well done Hemannath ~ 👍🏼

    January 19,2018 07:41am

  • Nigel Price . Commented on Price, F.A.E.

    I am the grand nephew of Frederick Price!

    January 13,2018 08:46pm

  • Rupert Navamani . Commented on Mooloya

    I have also trekked part of The Chariot path from Mooloya lower division and over the hills to Frotoft on the ramboda side with my Kingswood College friends. The stunted trees at the summit is testimony to the stong winds in the area. reversing directions with the Monsoons

    January 12,2018 06:12am

  • Gamini Weerasinghe . Commented on Pansalatenna

    I was Manager of the property from1989 to 1992 I suceeded Gamini Tennekoon and handed over to Vas

    January 04,2018 04:32am

  • Roma Wickramanayake . Commented on Homadola, Upper

    Don Harry Dias Jayasuriya served in 1947 as a conducter. His wife Sujatha Jayasuriya, daughters Primrose Jayasuriya, Sweenitha Jayasuriya, and Mallika Jayasuriya lived there .

    January 03,2018 08:11pm

  • Francis Jansz . Commented on Jansz, J.O.

    Born in Kothena Colombo Ceylon 13 /09/1941 At St Lucias Cathedrial Church Kothena

    January 03,2018 03:57am

  • Francis Jansz . Commented on Jansz, J.O.

    Francis Servatius Jansz 13/09/1941 COLOMBO CEYLON

    January 03,2018 03:55am

  • Samuel Ratnam Ratnam . Commented on Uda-Radella

    It was please stay from 1985 to 1988 as the Chief Clerk for us. My first billet as chief clerk

    December 31,2017 02:46pm

  • Allan Cameron . Commented on Glasgow Estate

    Great photos. The bungalow looks pretty much the same as I remember it in the late 60s when my parents were here. Allan Cameron

    December 12,2017 12:03pm

  • Angela Walker . Commented on Mousa Ella

    Two typographical details: At Mousa Ella estate, the Asst. Manager 1920-1921 was Littleton-Geach, H W, (not Little Geach, G W) ; and the Manager 1926-1927 was Dendy, N H (not Derdy, N H).

    Dendy was at the time the manager of the nearby Tillicoultry Estate and took on the management of Mousa Ella while its bungalow was being rebuilt.

    Littleton-Geach then returned to Mousa Ella as Manager until 1936.

    He was a keen member of the Dimbula Athletic and Cricket Club at Radella. A fine right arm swing bowler, he took 7 wickets for only 3 runs in the match against Dickoya, March 22-23, 1933

    December 07,2017 09:46am

  • Upali Wijeyesekera . Commented on J D S Wickremesooriya & Co

    Who's transport company is older in Talawakelle - Wickramasooriyas or Hemachandras? Hemachandras? Hemachandras?

    December 06,2017 06:07am

  • Oliver Dashwood . Commented on Woywoltalawa

    I have photos of Wayweltalawa, and Dashwood and Clark would have been included, circa 1920. Is this the same place?

    November 30,2017 02:28pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Alton Estate

    Above left of the factory, amongst the trees, is the managers' bungalow and above right of the factory, on a field road from the bungalow, is the estate office whose situation may have been alright in the days of the horse but not so in 1964 when I arrived. As described in my book I moved the office to a new site on the cart road immediately below the managers' bungalow and converted the old building into a supervisors' quarters.

    November 29,2017 10:03pm

  • Chathuranga Dissanayake . Commented on Kallebokka


    November 28,2017 01:38pm

  • Wijaya Kumara Balasuriya . Commented on Dambatenne Estate


    November 27,2017 05:03am

  • Premraj Thangavel . Commented on Sheen

    your father is Charles Wilson Nicholson ? seen pic in Dunsinaine estate office

    November 23,2017 02:44pm

  • Premraj Thangavel . Commented on Sheen

    Me too come from Pundaloya, Choisy estate , i was there 2 weeks ago, Sheen estate and Dunsinaine still maintained well, my wifes father was employed there , a beauty full place

    November 23,2017 02:39pm

  • Shahan Wijetunge . Commented on Dan Seevaratnam

    Very well said Sir.Trust,it would be understood by all concern & would take positive action!-Better late than never!!

    November 23,2017 11:15am

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on High Forest Estate

    It seems to be a very interesting and functional design and floor plan; one which makes good use of the site and outlook. The siting of the garage in the middle adds to these characteristics. As a designer I like it - from what I can tell from outside.

    November 20,2017 09:18pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Ralston Tissera

    An excellent planter, a very interesting personality and a great friend.

    November 20,2017 08:21pm