• Anne Williams . Commented on Lelwala Group

    Managed by John Roberts from 1948 until 1959 and after

    October 15,2018 02:01am

  • Anne Williams . Commented on Pillagoda Valley K38

    My father did not manage Pillagoda valley in 1928 at all .He was the son of the founder, A.W Winter , and was the Managing Director of A.Winter & Sons & Co Ltd and was the Superintendant in about 1948 to 1958

    October 15,2018 01:19am

  • John Thesiger . Commented on Carfax (Late May.fair)

    My grandfather John Still was superintendent under Anson from 1897, in 1901 or 2 joined the archaeological service, and later worked for the Planters' Association and the Ceylon Association.

    October 12,2018 04:25pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Nuwara Eliya by Rail

    Penrose? No, PENRHOS! near Nawalapitya. Never heard of it before!

    October 11,2018 10:58pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Nuwara Eliya by Rail

    Rozelle (or is/was it Roselle?

    October 11,2018 10:44pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Nuwara Eliya by Rail

    Yullefield Group (It seems)

    October 11,2018 10:43pm

  • Travis Koch . Commented on Adawatta

    My Name: Travis Koch. Adawatte 1967-1968

    October 06,2018 07:50am

  • Murugiah Selvadurai . Commented on Media Archive

    TRI is an excellent place where I born to Mwr. S. Murugiah ( Senior Technical Assistant - Plant Pathology Div.), My father working period 1944 - 1970. These photos bring the sweet memories of our family.

    October 03,2018 06:32am

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Cymru

    It seems that Cymru later became a division of Tangakelle, Lindula. If there was a Manager's bungalow there was no sign of it in the 1950s. The bungalow on Cymru division of Tangakelle was a tiny affair in a tiny garden and could have been a manager's bungalow but that seems unlikely.

    September 23,2018 10:39pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Dessford & Lorne

    In the early 1950s there was Dessford. By 1961 Abbotsford was made a division of Dessford and, some time after nationalisation, Lorne was added.

    September 23,2018 10:29pm

  • Anthony McCarthy . Commented on CANTRELL, J. H

    John "Tom" Harvey-Cantrell was born 1880. Son of an Irishman William Cantrell. William was employed as an engineer with Ceylon Railways. In 1911 he married Reneé.V.Krakowski. They had three sons whose descendants live in the U.K today.

    September 13,2018 06:37am

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Nelson-Parker, Julian

    History of Ceylon Tea True. Also, regarding data unconfirmed by FD, or other, such as someone's definite recollection, records can be marked as "Subject to confirmation." or similar.

    August 31,2018 10:01pm

  • History of Ceylon Tea . Commented on Nelson-Parker, Julian

    Ian Gardner - the 'gap' will be cleared if I get my hands on the FD records for that year. The FD records often revealed when somone was on furlough, and also indicated who was 'acting' during that time frame.

    August 31,2018 01:55am


    Thank you for sharing. I am Bob Smiths daughter and it is lovely to hear these stories. It looks like it was a lot of fun!

    August 30,2018 07:40am

  • Radley Dissage . Commented on Elkadua Group

    please contact me in following Numbers.like to share some information with regard to elkaduwa(Elkadua)

    August 28,2018 07:17am

  • Premraj Thangavel . Commented on Choisy

    in 1976, Mr. Wijewardene was appointed as Manager, in 1979, Mr. Hemasri Perea( Kalu Pererea) was apponted, This estate is abandoned now.

    August 26,2018 09:59am

  • Deepika Shiromala . Commented on Balangoda Group


    August 24,2018 04:31pm

  • Devathiru Ddeva . Commented on Frotoft Group


    August 23,2018 04:39am


    I know your back ground only now. Clarice Gomez used to stay at our house in colpetty. Ranils uncle lived next door Gomez down 5th lane. Clarices funeral was from Paranawitharnes house which I attended. She used to visit Mrs. Bandaranayake often from our house.

    August 12,2018 08:57pm

  • Saman Jayawardene . Commented on J D S Wickremesooriya & Co

    Thank you for the post,as a Talawakelle resident most of this history herd from My father,Now no body knew the even name of the Wickramasuriya ,

    July 27,2018 06:10am