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    Woow great...realy great..I am sure you can remember me well. It is a small World Manick...

    July 06,2019 08:47am

  • Premraj Thangavel . Commented on Tales from the Thotum – the Dark Side

    very intresting articles, I knew all these places, thoug i now live in Norway.

    July 03,2019 09:52am

  • Colin Hardy . Commented on W.A. Elwell

    This is my Great Grandfather

    June 23,2019 12:20pm

  • Anne Williams . Commented on E.Winter

    E. Winter must surely be my maternal grandfather, Edmund Winter whose friends were ; Humprey Gray. Mr Pike ets he planted up St George Estate Galagedera which became the "Winter Estates Co Ltd in 1956 whose shareholders were his children of which was my Mother Nancy!!

    June 09,2019 02:38pm

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    <span>Dear Cubby,Can you send me your email.I am Hiran Weerasekera.</span>

    May 19,2019 03:42am

  • Alister Bredee . Commented on Harold Allen

    <span>Harold Allen was my grandfather. He continued planting until 1953 when he retired. His last Estate was High Forest .</span>

    May 30,2020 09:05am

  • Alister Bredee . Commented on Harold Allen

    Liz Youle that is interesting. Tell me more You can find me on Facebook or alisterbredee@gmail.com

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    Hello Alister. You are my 4th cousin.

    May 15,2019 05:52pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Forres

    <span>15.5.19. After all this time I think my time as Acting Superintendent on Forres was March - Sept 1958. The date 1959-1960 given to previously to HOCT in my data table is definitely wrong.</span>

    May 15,2019 12:20am

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    This is absolutely wonderful

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    he was my grandfather

    April 24,2019 12:40am

  • Gaya Nakandala . Commented on Madampe

    I was the the Manager from year 1980 January to 1983 December. If I have not mistaken late Mr.Lalith pere

    April 17,2019 04:14am

  • Rosemond de Silva . Commented on J. N. Grant

    J N Grant was the Manager of Yatewatte estate in 1870/1871. His daughter Mary Emily Grant is my dad's mother. I have a copy of A letter written Nd signed by J N Grant. Would like to have more information and photos of him.

    April 06,2019 09:05am

  • Premraj Thangavel . Commented on Torrington

    Mr Stoke was the Manager in 1976

    April 03,2019 11:14am

  • Fiona Durling . Commented on C.J. Thomson

    Charles John Thomson was my great grandfather's brother. He died aged 23 in 1891. How please? and where is he buried? Great grandfather was Alexander William Thomson of Thomson and Alston, tea merchants and shipping I believe. Alexander was married to Mary Eliza Ferguson, daughter of William and Robina Ferguson (Land surveyor in Colombo) niece of Alastair McKenzie Ferguson, proprietor of the Colombo Observer newspaper. Various Ferguson's (including Alastair) owned plantations/estates. I would be very grateful for any details you can supply regarding them and their time in Ceylon. Many thanks. Fiona Durling (nee Thomson)

    April 02,2019 09:33pm

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    <span style="font-family: 'Times New Roman', serif;"><span style="font-size: 16px;">Proud to call him Dad!</span></span>

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    Congratulations, Devaka. You have done a good job! Thank you!

    March 28,2019 12:16am

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Holyrood

    c.1952 - early 1961 Holyrood manager was C.L.L.Picken. c.1956 Asst. on West Holyrood was R.D.Banks followed by D.M.P.Abeyawardena followed, in 1957 January by B.I.Gunewardene1957 - 1959. Early in 1961 Picken retired and P.C.Innes became manager. He retired in 1971 and was replaced by G.B.Middleton who remained till nationalisation.

    March 16,2019 05:29am

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Ingoya

    I acted on Ingoya at the end of 1959 into 1960 having taken over from N.F.Picken who was manager there from 1950. At the time Ingoya was in rubber but it may have been in tea previously, like Dewalakande was.

    March 16,2019 05:05am

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    I was on Kahagalla as Supdt. from 1981 to 1984 as I saw the post I spotted the\nso 2 Tissa's have been there, nice to see you Tissa- Tissa Mirinchiararatchi

    March 16,2019 02:46am