• Anil de Mel . Commented on THE HOUPÉ SONG

    My father Rodney de Mel, Gamini Salgado and Kenneth Christofez were the 3 Assistant Superintendents on Houpe at a given time. Susequantly he was made Superintendent of Dalukgalla Estate which is now a division of Houpe. My elder brother was born in the Dalukgalla bungalow in 1953.

    December 12,2020 11:26am


    Hi, Stefan. Robert Harley, Snr, was my Uncle, and his brother, George, was also managing on various tea estates before migrating to Adelaide, South Australia.

    December 12,2020 07:19am

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on THE HOUPÉ SONG

    With reference to me in this ditty DIG means "dig" not D.I.G. which means Deputy Inspector General (of police).

    December 11,2020 09:37pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Radella

    I have managed to post the photo I was talking about and here it is. This was one of a series of the bungalow sent to me a few years ago by the then manager Eranga Egodawela. The filled in floor joist opennings are visible on the wall on the right hand side of the photo.

    December 10,2020 09:20pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Radella

    Today, 8 Dec. 2020, I came across a photograph of the interior of the Radella bungalow taken a few years ago and sent to me by the then superintendent/manager. The photograph was of the seven steps leading down from the main house to the kitchen wing and I noticed signs of the old floor joist apertures in the old bluestone wall indicating that this flight of steps was let into the old house floor to accommodate the seven steps leading down from the original house to the new kitchen wing.It appears that the present master bedroom plus bathroom/toilet would originally have been the kitchen wing. This alteration is visible in the walls of the building seen from outside: the bluestone section being the original house and the mortar finish sections the later additions.

    December 07,2020 09:23pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Photos & Videos | History of Ceylon Tea

    <span>What a tragedy: gone are all the beautiful lawns; the beautiful flower beds with plants chosen with care and finesse, the well selected shrubs and trees - flowering and ornamental - positioned well for effect. Sadly this comment applies to most, if not all, the gardens of estate bungalows after nationalisation and I still wonder at what exactly it was that created this difference in values of beauty. Absense of pride?</span>

    November 30,2020 08:55pm

  • Sanjini Munaweera . Commented on Bogawantalawa Estate

    my first home

    November 25,2020 04:50pm

  • Kiyaz Deen . Commented on Ceylon Tea meets ‘automated withering’

    I would like a comment from Dr Boteju on the patented system that was installed at his St Coombs Factory in the year 2002 and his Thesis relevant to same

    November 25,2020 09:34am

  • Shailesh Prajapati . Commented on #HealthBytes: Top 5 health Benefits of Black Tea

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    November 24,2020 12:25pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Alton

    Commencing in 1966 Lasantha Jayawardena was the first SD on Alton. On my recommendation to the Company that an assisstant was necessary on the estate a new bungalow was built by me and an assistant appointed around the middle of 1966.

    November 15,2020 08:50am

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Tangakelle

    c.1953 - 55 L.K.L. de Silva was Asst. Supdt. on Walaha Division of Tangakelle and c.1956 E.R.B.Tissera was Asst. Supdt. on Cymru Division.

    November 15,2020 08:29am

  • Stefan De Run . Commented on RALPH DE RUN - A WALK THROUGH THE TEA FIELDS

    Yes. Now under Telbedde.

    November 15,2020 07:02am

  • Hemantha Situge . Commented on Tea Plantations of South Ceylon

    Nothing on Semidale Estate, Andapana Estate

    November 14,2020 04:50am

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on John (Grafton) Riminton

    I think I added, a few days ago, his details to the estates he was on as PD i.e. Forres, Glenlyon and Tangakelle. I have no idea why he quit planting so early in his life but, perhaps, he and Julian Nelson-Parker discussed it when he took over Tangakelle from Julian. Julian left planting at the time but he had reached retiring age (55 Years). A very nice man, Julian! - my second PD on Tangakelle.

    November 09,2020 08:40pm

  • Bryan Baptist . Commented on E.L. (Ernie) Daniels

    Ernie Daniels is a man whose vast knowledge in Tea Plantation Agriculture and the results he has produced seems that he has no equal in his area of activity. He was a great 'teacher' and his deep passion for tea instilled this knowledge in all those who were trained by him and those who came to know him in the course of his long career. He has contributed so much to our Tea Industry and I would say he is "Evergreen". He is a man of the highest integrity and his honesty is unquestionable. My experiences in interacting with Mr Daniels reflect fond memories as I dealt with a Gentleman of the Highest Order. He is my ex-father-in law who I have the greatest reapect for.

    November 09,2020 08:57am

  • Dhammika Jayasuriya . Commented on Maurice FORSTER

    When I started Planting in 1972 for jamesfinlay "wellandura Tea & Rubber I First met Him in a couple o monyhs at a PA meeting, he smiled extended his hand, gave me a small Tip. "To survive in finlays, always visuvalise you can work without asking for Extravotes" How true it was for my success.

    November 08,2020 07:13am

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Dewalakande

    From about June 1956 to when I took over in 1966 R.U.Price was Superintendent/Manager.

    November 07,2020 11:05pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Alton

    C.La Brooy, Creeper: early 1964.

    November 07,2020 10:55pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Forres and Warburton

    Additions to Employee History:
    T.G.Gordon c.1956/7 Superintendent
    J.G.Riminton 1957-13 March 1961 Superintendent

    November 07,2020 10:43pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Radella

    Corrections to Employee History:
    Soysa, Kumar: 1964 - Creeper (Executive trainee)
    Wilson Dick should read Dick Ried-Wilson. c.1953-1957
    Nelson-Parker, Julian - 1950 (+ or -)

    November 07,2020 10:35pm