A typically interesting, entertaining and informative piece from Dyan! Perhaps, it is time that the histories of pioneering Sri Lankan plantation families are documented. With all the "nationalist" hysteria which excludes citizens of this country from their own heritage, it is essential that people like Dyan who have communication skills, apply those skills in a worthwhile endeavour that has been delayed far too long. The history of our grandparents' generation is fascinating, however the experiences and contributions of the generations that followed also need to be documented.

    April 19,2018 02:27pm

  • Jeff Burnett . Commented on Alnwick

    My GG Grandfather was John "Haniford" Ward, Manager from 1870-1881. He and his wife Mary apparently had 5 of their 14 children during this time. Family notes indicate that he and his family left Ceylon in 1881 due to a coffee blight, and that the land was sold to Thomas Lipton. As manager, would he have owned the land or been the primary person responsible to a land owner, which would have been whom during this period?

    April 09,2018 01:36pm

  • Ricails Ricails . Commented on MEMOIRS OF THE MASKELIYA / UPCOT DISTRICT

    I remember you and Chris Bean with much regard, as I do John and Nancy Holland and all those other excellent planters and wives. Richard Lancaster.

    March 28,2018 03:09am


    thanks for sharing, had a laugh, on Indonesian Mecca Pilgrims shouting Budhuu Ammo, Tnx Premraj from Oslo Norway

    March 26,2018 12:13pm

  • Ricails Ricails . Commented on Troup

    I managed Troup Estate Pundaloya in the early 1960's. A great place, despite being bitten by a swarm of bees one day! Richard Lancaster.

    March 25,2018 02:10am

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Pita Ratmalle

    Superintendent/manager for The Ceylon Tea Plantation Co.Ltd. post WWII were: to about 1952 P.G.Edwards; c.1952-c.1962; J. "Johnny" Johnson; c.1962-1964 P.G.Uglow; 1964-1969 A.C.D.Jonklaas.

    March 23,2018 12:22am

  • Premraj Thangavel . Commented on MEMORIES OF MY TEN YEARS ON LAXAPANA GROUP

    thanks for sharing, it was hard work which made Ceylon Tea possible,

    March 15,2018 10:30am

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Beaumont Group

    The last superintendents/managers of Beaumont for The Ceylon Tea Estates Proprietary Co., Ltd. were: c.1952 Maurice Robinson to 1957; A.D.Read-Wilson 1957 - c.1964 and L.K.L. de Silva c.1964 - c.1970.

    March 10,2018 11:38pm

  • Premraj Thangavel . Commented on Torrington

    Mr Suppiah was the Manage from 1960 to 1972

    February 24,2018 10:51am

  • Premraj Thangavel . Commented on MASKELIYA MEMORIES

    Monday is not inauspicious to Hindus , I Guess, since You had several strikes after pruning was started , that worker would have thought may be the starting day was inauspicious, and changing that might help, any way it was a good decision,

    February 23,2018 11:13am

  • Donald Ratnaraja . Commented on Dalhousie

    Late Moothathamby Chelliah manager Dalhousie from1914 to 1917 was my maternal grandfather Are there any photos of him in your archives please

    February 14,2018 09:41pm

  • Doreen Wissmann . Commented on Lucky Land

    I was born on Luckyland Estate in 1941 where my father ,who succeeded my grandfather P.S Perera was assiatant manager. My father Peter Perera became manager around 1958 and my brother Denis succeeded him as assistant manager. My father died in 1974 he was retired then. My brother left Sri Lanka in the 60's and immigrated to America.

    February 06,2018 03:16pm

  • Ian Harrison . Commented on Marigold, Old

    I hold a share cert. for 200 shares in this Ltd. Co. in the name of CAD Neve dated 29/05/1970.

    February 03,2018 01:05pm

  • Ian Harrison . Commented on Hantane

    I am the great grand son of Gordon Pyper Snr. Gordon P. Jnr. was his son by his first marriage and AK (Kenneth) was a son from his second marriage. Kenneth is my great uncle. My grand mother was born at Hantane and "incubated" on the verandah of the manager's / owner's bungalow. She was christened by a nun going "up country" to a leper colony. My GGF is buried at Hantane as is his first wife and an infant son. GP Snr. was the owner of the estate but I am not sure of the date of acquisition. He had been a manager pre the acquisition date to learn the trade.

    February 02,2018 06:13pm

  • Premraj Thangavel . Commented on Torrington

    M Suppiah was the Manager from 1960 to 1975

    January 30,2018 08:24pm

  • David Swannell . Commented on Algooltenne

    This is marked as the incorrect Hunnasgiriya (two n's) on the map - it should be Hunasgiriya - close to Elkaduwa.

    January 27,2018 12:21pm

  • Wimalanath Wickremesooriya . Commented on J D S Wickremesooriya & Co

    Wickremesooriya's were definitely older as our Grandfather was the pioneer in the Transport Business in the region.

    January 19,2018 03:47pm

  • Athula Perera . Commented on J D S Wickremesooriya & Co

    Intetesting reading, of those reminiscence brought alive ~ Well done Hemannath ~ 👍🏼

    January 19,2018 07:41am

  • Nigel Price . Commented on Price, F.A.E.

    I am the grand nephew of Frederick Price!

    January 13,2018 08:46pm

  • Rupert Navamani . Commented on Mooloya

    I have also trekked part of The Chariot path from Mooloya lower division and over the hills to Frotoft on the ramboda side with my Kingswood College friends. The stunted trees at the summit is testimony to the stong winds in the area. reversing directions with the Monsoons

    January 12,2018 06:12am