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    Hi. Would you mind sharing the photos please?

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    Dec 30,2021

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    This is so nice

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    Larry is a true gentleman from Sri Lanka with roots in Upcountry Sri Laqnka Played Rugger for Dimbula club and resided in Miami Fl. I met him in 1983 when he invited us for a dinner at his residence and we were astonished to to see many native fruit trees vof Sri Lanka growing luxuriouly in his Miami garden. Sorry to hear his demise a truly Sri Lankan friend RIP

    December 11,2021 03:13am


    Fascinating but sad story..

    December 02,2021 01:47am

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    So, you made it here at last! Good to see!

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    Aswin it was Berry Cocking!!I was also his SDon Millawitiya

    November 03,2021 05:02am

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    When Lindsay scott was On Rambukanda as SD to Barry cocking I was SD on Palmgarden, Ratnapura

    October 31,2021 11:47pm


    Allow me, please, to comment on Manik's statement, and I quote: "Peter Easteal was not a popular planter as he did not mix with the "coloured" planters". From personal experience I doubt that Manik's statement is correct and I think Ralston Tissera would agree with me if he were here today to do so. Peter Easteal was VA of Radella and Forres estates when Ralston and I were in charge of these estates. Ralston spoke well of Peter and Peter and I were good friends from when I was on Forres in 1958 & 1961 and Radella c.1962 during which times we spent many hours at the Maskeliya club and our homes over a drink or two discussing, mainly, philosphical matters. He and I were also in agreement on a lot of planting principals which we frequently discussed. I suggest that Peter may have been strict or difficult with a creeper or SD but was not rascist. I have noticed that many young Ceylonese planters who had difficulty mixing and communicating with European planters viewed the European planters as racsist - without cause. I knew of one Dimbulla planter who disliked Ceylonese planters (or just me!) and, one day, at the bar of the Radella Club in the company of a few English planters, I openly left that man out of a round of drinks I was calling! . . . and I don't think THAT went unnoticed!

    October 31,2021 11:15pm

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    I remember this Thomas-Jackson c.1952-54 & 1957-64 when I planted in the district but don't think I knew him. He must have been the one who sculpted tea bushes, below and across from the Lindula road and the river, to read HENFOLD.

    October 31,2021 10:47pm

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    MY Old friend Ken God bless you and Ylva Hope we can meet again soon

    October 31,2021 10:43pm

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    The "undecypherable" word in Tait's response is "expecting" and he is saying that he was surprised that Salgado and de Mel were asking for leave when it would clash with the Company Manager's invitation to them to visit him on the week end of the 16th. or the 24th. at Scrubs in Nuwara Eliya. Salgado told me that Tait was an unsavoury and racist man* who "looked down upon" non Europeans. Let me stress that, apart from W.Miller, who was PD on Dewalakande at that time, I think, all C.T.P. planters were far from racsist and the relationship between PDs and SDs was usually rather informal and friendly. The the C.T.P. was, in fact, like a big family (there were about 32 estates with 32 Superintendents and about 12 Assistants) most on first-name terms. In fact, amongst planters in general racism was non-existant, as far as my observations went.

    October 31,2021 09:54pm

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    I had the opportunity work under him at Gonapitiya Group for 2 1/2 years and shared wonderful experience with this legend

    October 28,2021 03:59am

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