• Premraj Thangavel . Commented on Torrington

    Mr Stoke was the Manager in 1976

    April 03,2019 11:14am

  • Fiona Durling . Commented on C.J. Thomson

    Charles John Thomson was my great grandfather's brother. He died aged 23 in 1891. How please? and where is he buried? Great grandfather was Alexander William Thomson of Thomson and Alston, tea merchants and shipping I believe. Alexander was married to Mary Eliza Ferguson, daughter of William and Robina Ferguson (Land surveyor in Colombo) niece of Alastair McKenzie Ferguson, proprietor of the Colombo Observer newspaper. Various Ferguson's (including Alastair) owned plantations/estates. I would be very grateful for any details you can supply regarding them and their time in Ceylon. Many thanks. Fiona Durling (nee Thomson)

    April 02,2019 09:33pm

  • Angela Rajiah Daniels . Commented on E.S. (Sam) Rajiah

    <span style="font-family: 'Times New Roman', serif;"><span style="font-size: 16px;">Proud to call him Dad!</span></span>

    April 02,2019 06:41am

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on The Mascots - President’s Review Annual General Meeting

    Congratulations, Devaka. You have done a good job! Thank you!

    March 28,2019 12:16am

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Holyrood

    c.1952 - early 1961 Holyrood manager was C.L.L.Picken. c.1956 Asst. on West Holyrood was R.D.Banks followed by D.M.P.Abeyawardena followed, in 1957 January by B.I.Gunewardene1957 - 1959. Early in 1961 Picken retired and P.C.Innes became manager. He retired in 1971 and was replaced by G.B.Middleton who remained till nationalisation.

    March 16,2019 05:29am

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Ingoya

    I acted on Ingoya at the end of 1959 into 1960 having taken over from N.F.Picken who was manager there from 1950. At the time Ingoya was in rubber but it may have been in tea previously, like Dewalakande was.

    March 16,2019 05:05am

  • Tissa Mirinchiaratchi . Commented on Memoirs of Tissa Atapattu by Tissa Atapattu

    I was on Kahagalla as Supdt. from 1981 to 1984 as I saw the post I spotted the\nso 2 Tissa's have been there, nice to see you Tissa- Tissa Mirinchiararatchi

    March 16,2019 02:46am

  • Manoj Pradeep Kumara Udugampola . Commented on Sunderland

    A beautiful small Estate which makes profits even when the rubber prices are low.

    March 15,2019 08:26am

  • Christopher Dias . Commented on In Praise of a Hallowed Event

    Very interesting indeed. Times have changed and the whole country comes to a halt especially theprivate sector and few members of parliament including the PM stops work to attend this prestegeous event!

    March 11,2019 01:32pm

  • Ashad Dole . Commented on A.A. Rahim

    I am the grandson of the late Abdullah Abdul Rahim, the founder of Rahina Estate, Aranayake. We still have the property and I own it with my wife, Sithie Fawzia Dole, who is incidentally also the grand-daughter of the said A.A.Rahim

    March 10,2019 03:20am

  • Raymond Perera . Commented on Hayleys Celebrates 140 Years of Innovative Excellence in Sri Lanka

    Please to hear the great works you are doing. The contribution to the economy is huge. Please to hear that you employ over 30k people. The move to employ and enovate low carbon emmision products will help reduce Global Warming.Best Wishes Raymond

    March 04,2019 11:12pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Tissa Atapattu

    A career path like mine - except in different companies - from flower to flower in increasing height!

    March 03,2019 10:14pm

  • Srikanthi Nalanie . Commented on Mayfield

    Can you please find me a person Mr laxman jayakody.he is pd in your estate.he and his wife my close friends.once iam visit to mf estate.I think now he is pension.

    March 02,2019 04:34am

  • Gigi Guy . Commented on Memoirs of Tissa Atapattu by Tissa Atapattu

    Very interesting.

    March 02,2019 03:59am

  • Saliya Atapattu . Commented on MEMOIRS OF TISSA ATAPATTU

    A very good unadorned history of your working career which I enjoyed reading. Did not realise that your first boss who groomed you and liked your progress turned nasty after his furliugh leave! Any way you have to be proud of your achievements in life.

    March 03,2019 08:37am

  • Chris Goonaratna . Commented on MEMOIRS OF TISSA ATAPATTU

    Sir, an great achievement and a Super read, God bless you!

    March 03,2019 01:49am

  • Rodney Fellowes Prynne . Commented on C.Fellowes Prynne

    he was my grandfather. Married into Wilkins family.

    February 28,2019 01:37am

  • Rodney Fellowes Prynne . Commented on R.Wilkins

    My Grandmother was Rosie Wilkins - born into a Planting family in Ceylon, She married my grandfather Charles Edward Fellowes Prynne who I gather was a plantation manager in Ceylon, born in London. My father Norman was born in Ceylon too. Probably related to R Wilkins..

    February 28,2019 01:29am

  • Louise Bell . Commented on Mattakelle | History of Ceylon Tea

    My parents Howard Fitzalan Clayton-Daubeny owned the Mattakelle Tea Plantation prior to returning to Australia in 1939 at the outbreak of WWII. They were married in the Anglican Church in Nuwara Eliya in 1935 and lived in the manager\u2019s house with my brother who was born in 1937. I visited Mattakelle in 2007 with my husband & am in Sri Lanka at the moment hoping to visit again. I am travelling with Macleay Valley Travel who are using the services of Jetwing Travel whilst here - I do hope we can make this possible. Kind regards, Louise Bell

    February 23,2019 01:53pm

  • Ruth Schwantje McAllister . Commented on Robert Boyd Tytler

    He was my gt gt grandfather. My gt grandmother was his youngest daughter Katherine Amelia who married Alexander Carnegie Ross. 😁

    February 15,2019 07:21pm