• Debbie Bentley-Buckle . Commented on Memoirs From Siva Sivalingam by Siva Sivalingam | History of Ceylon Tea

    Noel William Bentley-Buckle was my grandfather, he was indeed a tea planter in Ceylon, however my brother would no more about where. He did not die in Ceylon, but in the Seychelles were he moved in the early 50's I think, so I'm not sure about him haunting the bungalow. He did brew some kind of concoction during the war, that is definately something I heard over the years. Even running his vehicle of some sort of alcohol brew.

    September 01,2020 08:26am

  • Gamini Weerasinghe . Commented on MEMOIRS OF THE MASKELIYA / UPCOT DISTRICT

    I remember you very well on the Rugby field of DMCC as dreaded third row. I did not have the pleasure of playing with you but against you except in the Capper cup games

    September 01,2020 05:29am

  • Hugh Karunanayake . Commented on MY MEMOIRS OF THE MASKELIYA / UPCOT DISTRICT

    Devaka, great reminiscences I wonder whether the cabaret artiste you referrred to was Hillerine Stouter?

    August 24,2020 09:23pm

  • Joan Cross . Commented on Patakada

    In regard to A.B. Gault, Asst.Manager at Patakada in 1924, I believe he may be an ancestor of mine, Alexander (known as Barney) Gault. Does anyone have any further details about him?

    August 24,2020 07:18am

  • Patrick Vethecan . Commented on MEMOIRS OF MANIK PEREIRA

    Missing, Anura Gunasekera.

    August 22,2020 03:40am

  • Aswin Welikala . Commented on D. C. Welikala

    Eksath Welikala was Asst supt. of Hanford estate in 1969

    August 21,2020 06:13pm

  • Sam Perera . Commented on Oonankande

    Oonankande Tea estate with cardamons, owned by M B G Perera of Panadura in the 50's. Used to spend most school holidays in the nice bungalow. Kitul theligge was served some mornings. Good old days, thanks to Berty aiya.

    August 21,2020 03:35pm

  • Aswin Welikala . Commented on Opata

    Stanley Silva was on Opata for 17 yrs as Suptd. I crept on opata in 1963

    August 19,2020 04:24pm

  • Aswin Welikala . Commented on Eltofts

    I was on Eltofts for a short period in 1979

    August 19,2020 04:17pm

  • Aswin Welikala . Commented on Troup

    Troup was in Talawakelle and not Pundaluoya

    August 19,2020 04:15pm

  • Aswin Welikala . Commented on Panilkanda

    1982 Exsath Welikala Suptd

    August 19,2020 04:11pm

  • Aswin Welikala . Commented on Diyadawa

    Exsath Welikala was asst. in the 1960's

    August 19,2020 04:06pm

  • Aswin Welikala . Commented on Hatherleigh

    In 1967 Sivagnalingam was supt. under George Stuarts

    August 19,2020 04:01pm

  • Aswin Welikala . Commented on Ury Group

    I was asst. under Tissa Bandaranayake with other assts, Sunil Perera, Anil Fernano, Ranil Jinadasa . In 1963 Vimal Wickremasinghe was supt.with Abey Ekanayake and Odayar as assts.

    August 19,2020 03:58pm

  • Aswin Welikala . Commented on Great Western

    I was asst. suptd. under Yasa Ratnayake from 1973 to 1975. Abey Ekanayake was supt. before Ratnayake. The britis suptd. commited suiside by shooting in about 1963

    August 19,2020 03:06pm

  • Aswin Welikala . Commented on Wellandura Group

    I was asst. suptd. of wellandura from 1964 to 1966 under Shirley Rodrigo with other assts. Anananda Madena, Baila Samarasinge and Mohan Wanigatunga

    August 19,2020 03:00pm

  • Aswin Welikala . Commented on BlackWood

    Blackwood is now a division of Glenanore estate

    August 19,2020 02:55pm

  • Aswin Welikala . Commented on Glenanore

    I was asst. suptd. on Glenanore from 1969 to 1972 under the last british Suptd. Ronnie Makie

    August 19,2020 02:52pm

  • Aswin Welikala . Commented on Logie

    I was suptd. on Logie from 1975 till 1979 managed by george Stuart & com. and State plantation corp.

    August 19,2020 02:43pm

  • Asoka Fernando . Commented on MY MEMOIRS OF THE MASKELIYA / UPCOT DISTRICT

    Very interesting .Good old Days which will never come back to be enjoyed by the present day planters

    August 17,2020 05:37pm