• Allan Cameron . Commented on MEMOIRS OF TISSA ATAPATTU

    A great story except for the unpleasantness experienced from some European planters. I recognise some of the names you mention.

    July 11,2020 09:43am

  • Lakshman De Silva . Commented on Darrawella

    A geat remembarance of the TEA in Sri Lanka. Unfortunatley the 'club houses' are now practicaly deserted.

    July 11,2020 06:17am

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    Excellent thanks for sharing - Best wishes

    July 11,2020 05:35am

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    My maiden name was Whitfield and my brother and I spent our early years on the St John Del Rey estate. Does that bungalow still exist?

    July 08,2020 01:23pm

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    Well done Jayantha. All the best for your future endeavours.

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    Dick and Thea were very good friends of my parents, Aubrey and Catherine Aldons. As kids our two families went on many trips together to Kuchevelli, and stayed at the,Shanty’. What memorable holidays those were.

    July 05,2020 07:10pm

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    Amazing story The good old day of Sri Lankan Planters & spacious upcountry bunglows

    July 05,2020 10:04am

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    There must be an error regarding the tenure of W.C. Braybrooke as manager of Brownlow. He bought a house in Fairford, England at around 1907 and was definitely present for the national census of 1911. He died in 1914 in Godstone England. So, he was probably the manager till 1905/6 or so. His father, Philip Watson Brabyrooke, once a government agent in Kandy, died in Somerset in 1906.

    July 04,2020 12:21am

  • Caroline Golding . Commented on Diyanilakele

    John MacDonald, Asst. Manager was my uncle. I have photos of him and his family at Diyanilakele.

    July 01,2020 09:16am

  • John Roberts Laurie . Commented on Hylton

    Named Hylton by my great great grandfather after his home in Sunderland

    June 29,2020 10:39pm

  • John Roberts Laurie . Commented on Lucky Land

    My great great grandfather George Robert Duncan and his brother, Watson Cranston Duncan, owned a share of this estate in 1870s.

    June 29,2020 10:31pm


    I really enjoyed reading this awesome write up. I am a nephew to my dearest uncle, the Late Conrad Abeysekere (NB: ends with an E not A).
    The author Mr. Amerasinghe is spot in his vivid description and some of my uncle’s traits. He was truly loved by all his nephews and nieces. Almost every year he would not fail to take some of not all to his estate home for the school holidays. One time, my 2nd cousin and I fought while he was at work. He of course heard about it. So, that evening he produced two pairs of boxing gloves (he boxed at St. John’s College, Panadura), prepared a ring by moving the living room furniture about to make space, and played referee for us two to box 3 rounds of 3 minutes each. By the time we went through those 9 minutes, we had swelling on our faces (he had us ice later) and quite a few hurtful bruises. Uncle Connie asked us if we would like to have another bout the next day, and we both declined and got on well the rest of our holiday. Honestly, I can write a volume of the fabulous time I have had with my dearest uncle Connie. Auntie Sita mellowed him down from his awesome bachelor days, but she was certainly someone he should have met and married a lot sooner. She too is an aunt I love although the mischievous adult in my uncle was subdued with her. I do love her and wish her well in life.

    I have save the awesome stories which is certainly a part of history on Sri Lanka’s Tea Plantations.
    Well done Sir in documenting your memoirs!

    June 27,2020 05:48pm

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    It is a very interesting story. In fact the very different photo with snow in Ceylon caught my eyes. Also when I went in to the article, more surprised to see a know person- Kavan 2 year senior at the uni, associated with it๐Ÿ™‚

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    very interesting and useful information about the Ceylon now Sri Lanka Tea.

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  • Buddhi Passaperuma . Commented on SNOWING IN CEYLON

    interesting. thanks for sharing.

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    Please reply to Phyllisromijn@gmail.com so I can send a picture of the plate

    June 14,2020 09:16am

  • Phyllis Romijn . Commented on F.G. Schroeder

    Hello, I found a plate with the inscription F.G. Schröder on the margin. Something to do with you?

    June 14,2020 09:13am

  • Emil van der Poorten . Commented on Jews Of Sri Lanka: An Untold Story

    I have seen this reference to AJvdP before and it is not very accurate. He was a very strong ATHEIST, as letters to his wife written to his wife while on board ship between Europe and Ceylon which I still have will prove. There is no suggestion that his mother was Jewish either, being a direct descendant of the painter Franz Hals whose last name she carried,

    June 12,2020 05:26pm