• Richard Templeton Murray . Commented on Tyspane Tea Co. Limited

    Can I be please advised if there is record of Charles Murray at Tyspane as a planter in the 1850's. Thanks Richard Murray

    December 23,2018 12:40am

  • Sara Leyland . Commented on P. Leyland

    I think this person is my ancestor, Percy Leyland. I have letters from him sent in 1919 and 1920 from Kandy. Family folklore is that he was last seen shortly before an earthquake and then never seen again. If anyone can shed any light on this I would be very grateful.

    December 01,2018 12:18am


    Ian Gardner that’s wonderful to know. Thank you, I’ll do that now.

    November 27,2018 03:25am


    Gina, send the information to the Editor via "Contact Us" at the top of this page. I knew Malcolm.

    November 26,2018 10:40pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Elkadua Group

    Radley Dissage Radley, if your request is to the Editor go to the top of this page and click on "Contact".

    November 26,2018 10:35pm


    Hello Richard! Good to see you here. I hope you are contented with life as it unfolds for you! I remember well your birthday party (your 21st?) when you were on Brownlow. The party broke up after dawn. I came with Duncan and Lorna Krelzheim so I must have been on Forres at the time making your party 1961/62.

    November 25,2018 09:47pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Andigama

    Errol, go to History of Ceylon Tea then to Articles and Publications and then select Fergusons Directory. From this point you can look up almost any year you want relative to Andiga (or any other estate).

    November 25,2018 09:33pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Interview with Dyan Seneviratne

    Excellent! Here is a thinking person; one who applies his innate intelligence to what he does and,thereby, gets the best results. Listenning to Dyan I realised again the tragedy of nationalisation viz. the destruction of the bank of sound knowledge/practice built up since the inception of the industry to which earlier planters like myself had access.

    November 20,2018 10:04pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Dewalakande

    Dewalakande was in tea till 1904 when it was converted, or conversion started, into rubber. This change was effected, it seems, by G.H.Masefield who was manager of the Dewalakande group in 1904 and many years later the General Manager of the Ceylon Tea Plantations Co. Ltd., and the Ceylon Proprietary Tea Estates Co., Ltd. working out of the Head Office on Scrubs estate, Nuwara Eliya.

    November 19,2018 09:01pm

  • Ronald Ondaatje . Commented on Neuchatel

    Mike J Ondaatje 1940 to 1969 Asst Manager and Manager.

    November 14,2018 02:06am

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Chrysantha Perera

    Chrysantha Perera was SD on Dewalakande from part 1964 - 1968. He was one of my SDs from some time in 1966 before which he was SD to Roger Price.

    November 13,2018 10:51pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Memoirs of Tissa Atapattu by Tissa Atapattu

    A good read. Well done!

    November 13,2018 10:31pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Tea Roller from Pooprassie

    What an unusual, but relevant, snippet of information!

    November 13,2018 10:08pm

  • Ronald Ondaatje . Commented on Telbedde

    Ronald Ondaatje Divisional Supt. 1965 to1976.

    November 14,2018 02:02am

  • History of Ceylon Tea . Commented on Wickrema de Alwis

    DE ALWIS - WICKREMA. Formerly of George Steuarts,​ State Plantations & Malwatta Valley Plantations,​ son of late Mr and Mrs P.G.D. Alwis,​ brother of late Dr. Kirthi,​ Amara,​ Bandu,​ Sita,​ Wimala and Sirimevan,​ expired. Remains lie at Jayarathne Funeral Parlour,​ Colombo 08 on Monday 22nd October from 8.30 a.m.. Cortege leaves parlour on 22nd at 4.00 p.m. for cremation at 4.30 p.m. at the General Cemetery,​ Kanatte (new Crematorium)

    October 22,2018 03:01am

  • Mithra De Alwis . Commented on Wickrema de Alwis

    It is with sadness that I would like to advise that my Uncle, Wickrema de Alwis, passed away on 20 October 2018. He was one of Sri Lanka's well known tea planters having worked at a number of fine estates during his life. Many young planters learned the job under him amd I am sure grateful to him for being an excellent teacher/guide. Uncle Wickrema's funeral is tomorrow 22 October at 4.30 pm at the the Kanatta New Crematorium. The body will lie at Jayaratne Funeral Parlour tomorrow 22 October from 8.30 am to 4.00 pm. Palitha de Alwis

    October 21,2018 05:02pm

  • Mithra De Alwis . Commented on Wickrema de Alwis

    Mr. Peiris, Uncle Wicrema's funeral is tomorrow 22 October at 4.30 pm at the the Kanatta New Crematorium. The body will lie at Jayaratne Funeral Parlour tomorrow 22 October from 8.30 am to 4.00 pm. Palitha de Alwis

    October 21,2018 04:51pm

  • Tharindra Peiris . Commented on Wickrema de Alwis

    I met him as my Managing Director - Malwatta Valley Plantations Limited, under the management of Magpek in 1992. What a nice teacher/guide he was ! May he attain Supreme Bliss of Nibbhana ! When is the funeral ?

    October 21,2018 11:54am

  • Robin Morris . Commented on Moriand Greig

    Hi - the person is Morland Greig - his son Philip Greig was a superintendent on the estate after the First World War. Morland Greig died in the First World War aged 50 years, in 1915, as part of the Gallipoli fighting. This link provides a portrait of him https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/11639/lot/69/?page_anchor=MR1_q_1%3Dgreig%26MR1_lot_range_1%3D%26MR1_module_instance_reference%3D1%26MR1_list_grid_result%3Dlist

    October 19,2018 11:50am


    GREAT WORK ..... extraordinary dedication. THANKS

    October 19,2018 09:38am