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    I wrote a Novel based on Tea esate worker fro a Maskeliya Estate The book titled Generations is vaiable in Amazon com

    March 14,2021 02:24pm

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    Great write up. brought back fond memories of planting life in Ceylon. I knew Gerald and Carl Derun, wow going back quite a few years. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    March 13,2021 12:14am

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    Dear Tissa, did you know any of the CCC engineers in your time in Ceylon/Sri Lanka? My late dad Doug Kemp was in Badulla, Hatton and lastly Kandapola before before our family left for the UK in 1970

    March 07,2021 12:22am

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    I believe you are married to Cheryl's daughter - is my assumption correct?

    March 03,2021 12:44pm

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    Ravana Wijeyeratne Very interesting - are you able to share with me your wife's connection to William Alexander Tytler as she is clearly a relative of mine.

    March 03,2021 10:02am

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    Martin John According to genealogy information we have the ancestor in the mid 1700's was Alexander Frazer Tytler born 1747. His grand son , William Tytler the 3rd, married Catherine Boyd. His mother's uncle is described as a minister of Crimmond. The document also states that AF had a cousin named Robert Boyd. Ackland and Boyd are mentioned elsewhere as is Crimmond. I think family ties were strong and probably resulted in many joint business ventures.

    March 03,2021 09:52am

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    Why did they call it Glenloch?

    March 02,2021 07:47am

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    Excellant article - beautifully written. We will always have fond memories of Vivian and Charmaine.

    March 02,2021 01:35am

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    Very interesting, Anura, and notable that you started in the year that I stopped, albeit prematurely, at the age of 35 years with the prospect of nationalisation looming. What I find notable is the difference between my creeping (and, perhaps, my management style) and that of others I have read recently. The difference being that my creeping was almost totally confined to agriculture, labour management and the daily work and work records involved therewith. I assume this was due to the fact that manufacture etc. would not be encountered by an assistant for a number of years whilst the inculcation of \"field knowledge\" - including, importantly, agronomy - labour management and general field supervision was of primary importance. As a manager I was of the opinion that delegation was of vital importance to good management and as one who trained three creepers and supervised three relatively new assistant managers this was an underlying factor. Perhaps, this was influenced by the fact that the high loss of executive staff during my time projected me into my first acting appointment (330 acres, tea) when aged 24 years, my second (1500 acres, rubber) when aged 25 years and my commencement as a permanent manager (330 acres, tea) when 27 years. All things change with time.

    February 25,2021 11:31pm

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    An awesome article that gives immense pleasure in reading and white Tea is very special preferred by everyone in fact. well said I agree with the above info completely.

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    My grandfather

    February 22,2021 11:19pm

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    Does anyone in this community know if Douglas Jenkins had a brother named William James Jenkins (born 1924) that served in the RAF during WW2? Thanks. Charles Ameresekere ceylon_medals@hotmail.com

    February 21,2021 02:29pm

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    Very informative . Very well written article about the subject matter.

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    Brilliant - my grandfather DA Wright

    February 15,2021 04:21pm

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    February 15,2021 04:36am

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    Or I just saw This. What a great pleasure and a previllage to see my post on Dilmah press !!

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    The Mannar Dhanuushkodi naval connection was completed in 1911 to facilitate the immigration of indentured labour from South India. They formed the backbone of the Tea industry.

    January 30,2021 02:50pm

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    When this photograph was taken this bungalow must have been nearly 100 years old and yet the shingles of the roof are still functioning well. That is a long time for wood, and in a wet climate too! I wonder what wood was used.

    January 29,2021 08:27pm

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    Rohan Rajapakse was married to my cousin Nalini. They lived in the wallawwa by the railway station in Panadura. If my memory serves me correctly their son, Anil, became a surgeon in the U.S.A. when very young (for a surgeon).

    January 29,2021 08:10pm