• Paula Lindsay-white . Commented on Sorana Valley

    Robert William is my grand father.
    I would be interested to hear from anyone else who is related to him?

    November 06,2020 04:43pm

  • Virgil Thomas . Commented on Photos & Videos | History of Ceylon Tea

    <span>Can anyone purchace these images or copies of them with a licensing agreement?</span>

    November 04,2020 09:16am

  • Shamin Jayewickreme . Commented on BlackWood

    are there any early pictures of the estate ?

    November 04,2020 10:27am

  • Shailesh Prajapati . Commented on 5 Health benefits of green tea from losing weight to improving your memory

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    November 02,2020 11:04am

  • Richard Rarman . Commented on Photos & Videos | History of Ceylon Tea

    I was manager on Brownlow Estate.

    November 01,2020 03:42am

  • Richard Rarman . Commented on EARDLEY ARTHUR HERMON – AN APPRECIATION

    Dyan Thank you for your heartfelt Tribute.I will add that My cousin Eardley,"learnt work " under my Dad (Reggie Hermon )when he was senior SD at Pelamdulla group.
    Dickie Hermon

    November 01,2020 04:43am

  • Richard Rarman . Commented on Brownlow

    I was manager of Brownlow andPortree Estates from 01/03/1971 to 31/03/1972
    I took over from Joe Polke and Handed over to BD Jansz when I Migrated to Australia

    November 01,2020 03:51am

  • Kathy Kunz . Commented on Amanadowa

    Bowles,C.W (Charles William) was my great grandfather. I am desperate to find more about his time at this estate and perhaps a photo or two . His grandson Leslie Bowles, has just turned 95 and his greatest wish is to sight a photo at least of his grandfather.

    October 10,2020 12:27pm

  • Kathy Kunz . Commented on C.W. Bowles

    My name is Kathleen Kunz(nee Bowles) I am desperately trying to find out more of the planter Charles William Bowles . He is my Great grand father . His grand son is 95 years old and would dearly love a photograph and any information of his grand father . This is his dear wish as says before he passes on . My email address is k.kunz&iinet.net.au .

    October 06,2020 12:22pm

  • Rachel Sara Daza Jones . Commented on World Tea Day: Try These Teas For Effective Weight Loss

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    October 02,2020 09:41pm

  • Llewellyn Tripp . Commented on Back then, at the burra bungalows of tea estates

    Fantastic old plantations and the management Planters, the staff and the workers.
    Really Tea Industry History which of course is over the horizon.

    September 22,2020 01:21am

  • Jagath Wickramarachchi . Commented on RALPH DE RUN - A WALK THROUGH THE TEA FIELDS

    An excellent write-up Stef, it brings nostalgic memories of life on a Tea estate. Well Done !

    September 17,2020 11:09am

  • Ian Harrison . Commented on Hantane

    Samantha Buker - correct, but I am having trouble, on my tree, to find a Caroline who was a daughter of GP jnr. Can you assist with dates / places please?

    September 11,2020 08:05pm

  • Samantha Buker . Commented on Hantane

    Fascinating!! I'm Gordon Pyper Jr's Great Grandaughter. My Grandma being Caroline Pyper Buker. And your Grandmother is Ailie, yes??

    September 11,2020 01:20am

  • Janet Sansoni . Commented on J. Stainton

    a most interesting character. Details available.

    September 09,2020 10:37pm

  • Ramanathan Mathavan . Commented on RALPH DE RUN - A WALK THROUGH THE TEA FIELDS

    Nice article good read.Norman DeRun Was my friend sadly lost touch after I moved to India to study. Brings back good great memories

    September 09,2020 06:29pm

  • Paul Hawkins . Commented on RALPH DE RUN - A WALK THROUGH THE TEA FIELDS

    A very interesting read.

    September 09,2020 11:06am

  • Madhava Rupasinghe . Commented on RALPH DE RUN - A WALK THROUGH THE TEA FIELDS

    Great article. Superbly narrated.

    September 08,2020 01:14am

  • Bunty Dole . Commented on RALPH DE RUN - A WALK THROUGH THE TEA FIELDS

    Excellent nostalgic article

    September 07,2020 08:54pm

  • Aswin Welikala . Commented on RALPH DE RUN - A WALK THROUGH THE TEA FIELDS

    A good article. I planted for 30 yrs before migrating to America

    September 07,2020 03:47pm