• Basil Van Dort . Commented on G D H Alston

    the link between planters and estates they worked is no longer working?

    January 22,2021 08:54am

  • Nihal Dias . Commented on Halwatura

    In the early nineteen sixties the superintendent was D.B.L Fernando(Dennis).There were usually two Assistant Superintendents, one on Central Division, where the factories were, and the other on Kahagalla Division. The bungalows we shared sometimes and the Assistants were Tony Ebert on Central, Nihal Dias Abeyesinghe on Kahagalla. Later on, Malcolm de Zilva from Halgolle was transferred and shared in the Kahagalla bungalow. On Tony Ebert being transferred, Hilary Schrader occupied the Central bungalow.

    January 21,2021 02:50am

  • Kshamalee Wirekoon . Commented on Theberton

    As a child l spent my holidays at the owners Bungalow of Theberton Group. The estate was owned by a set of friends, most of them lawyers, my uncle Rohan Rajapakse, Guy Wickramanayake, Irwin Gooneratne, VT de Zoysa and others....My father T Victor Fernando who was then the Manager of the Ceylon State Morgage Bank facilitated the loan required for the purchase (in the fifties). The function of the SMB was to provide loans for such initiatives. We visited the factory situated in the valley and observed the tea making process. Occasionally visited the "lines" where the teapluckers lived. 'Appu' was the resident cook flanked by other cleaners...we hiked the tea planted hills, swam in the pool, got stung by millions of mosquitoes and relished Appu's meals. I recall the old fashioned telephone which had to be cranked before trunk calls. Those were wonderful and relaxing holidays.

    January 20,2021 02:43pm

  • Nihal Dias . Commented on Pelmadulla Group

    The estate was in the Agency of James Finlay & Co, Ltd.

    January 20,2021 11:59am

  • Nihal Dias . Commented on Alupola

    The estates Manager in the seventies, when under the Agency of James Finlay & Co. Ltd,. was Gary de Saram with two Assistants Superintendents who were Tony Ebert, Nihal Dias Abeyesinghe, Parakrama Perera

    January 20,2021 11:50am

  • Nihal Dias . Commented on Citrus Group

    The Citrus estate bungalow was renovated and occupied by the Chairman of the SLSPC Board IV, Galle District.

    January 20,2021 11:42am

  • Nihal Dias . Commented on Talgaswella

    Talgaswela recorded some of the highest tea yields in the country during the time Mr Elmo Abeysundera was the Superintendent. Mr Abeysundera was later appointed Chairman of SLSPC Board IV, Galle District, under the SLSPC

    January 20,2021 11:32am

  • Nihal Dias . Commented on Pine Hill

    January 20,2021 11:23am

  • Lewis Gibson . Commented on Hantane

    Hello Ian. My Grandmother was Elizabeth Pyper, who I believe was Gordon Jnr's daughter, unless I have jumped a generation. I think both she and her sister Georgina spent their childhoods on the estate, until returning to Edinburgh for education. My sister visited Hantane almost 30 years ago and the manager of the museum had been a 'house boy' when my Grandmother was there. I think the family sold the estate and then just managed it until independance. I would be very interested to learn more. all the best. Lewis

    January 19,2021 05:02pm

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    Our dearest Sir. Congratulations & our Best of the Best Wishes. Ananda & Srinie

    January 19,2021 02:12pm

  • Sue Brown . Commented on Galaha

    January 18,2021 05:59am

  • Naomal Soysa . Commented on Up above the world so high

    Thank.you very well written article which makes the reader feel as if the reader is there in maskeliya looking around and admiring the scenery that can easily miss the reader 's imagination

    January 09,2021 11:22am

  • Tab Van Eyck . Commented on Ralph Wickremeratne

    The banner says "Current Status: Ex-Planer." So did he work in tea or carpentry? Silly typos like this do not match up to your statement that "In keeping with the objectives of this website, all COMMENTS must be made in the spirit of contributing to the history of this estate, planter or person"

    January 05,2021 01:28am

  • Manik Jayakumar . Commented on Craig

    manik jayakumar - Manager 1982 to 1985

    January 02,2021 07:02pm

  • Manik Jayakumar . Commented on Poonagalla

    Manik Jayakumar - Manager from 1984 to 1989

    January 02,2021 06:47pm

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  • Brian Kent . Commented on Kalutara and its Pioneer Rubber Planters

    To complete what Michael Speer and Richard Paine had to say about their fathers' stewardship of Yatadola Estate Matugama, my father John Kent took over Yatadola about July/Aug 1959 from Pat Speer and remained there for 11 years until his death in 1970. The divisions comprised Galawatte, Clyde, Pembroke in addition to Yatadola comprising in total 1100 acres approximately. About 1964 electricity was connected to the factory and bungalows. The advent of the Expressway from Colombo to the south if Sri Lanka sliced through either Pembroke Division or Yatadola itself. A sign beside the expressway states Yatadola Estate.

    December 22,2020 05:12am

  • Lisette Lisette . Commented on Weight loss: Drink just two cups a day of this tea to burn belly fat - what is it?


    December 14,2020 10:09pm

  • Lucille Allen . Commented on Robert Boyd Tytler

    Hi everyone, RBT was my GG Grandfather as well.

    December 12,2020 09:29pm

  • Aswin Welikala . Commented on THE HOUPÉ SONG

    When I started planting in 1963 Gamini was the PD on Houpe who later employed me at George Stuarts

    December 12,2020 03:46pm