Dyan Seneviratne (2017)

(Dyan Seneviratne is a Member of the World Bank Expert Panel – Plantations 2017)

Nursery infrastructure and management practices

The objective of Tea Nursery Management is to raise healthy, vibrant plants of uniform size of the appropriate cultivars [clones] with minimum casualties, properly trained and adequately hardened within a reasonably short time, eminently suitable for planting in the field. These objectives could be only achieved by proper advanced planning, paying sufficient attention to detail and by regular and careful supervision of all the relevant operations. Sadly out of the 05 estates the writer visited as VA in November 2016, only 02 estates had well tended tea nurseries; in the balance 03 large plantations either there were no nurseries or the only nursery was being closed down and plants sold to private growers out of that particular plantation!

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