Ian Gardner (2010)

I attempt to write this account as it happened and from my point of view at the time, making minimal commentary from my current point of view at the age of seventy. I hope I have remembered the failures and lapses as well as the successes.

When I was in High School I remember saying to myself or to a friend, 'I will never be a rickshaw-puller. This was in the context of my lack of interest in most of the subjects in the academic curriculum and my awareness that, academically, I did not expect particularly good results. As a child, I used to come within the top three in class, but as more application became necessary I moved to progressively lower positions until, in my late teens, I was tucked away somewhere at the bottom. This was because I only got high marks in the subjects in which I was interested, such as the English Language, to some extent English Literature, and in Biology where I excelled. In Physics and Chemistry I was top of the class in "practicals" but right at the bottom in "theory" - the latter was of little or no interest to me. At no stage in the future was I adversely affected by this absence of academic stardom.

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