Ceylon Tea Trails – Bungalows and Planters History

Royston Ellis (2019)

Ceylon Tea Trails – Bungalows and Planters History

By Royston Ellis

Royston Ellis, a British expatriate who established deep roots in Sri Lanka during his lifetime, sadly departed from us earlier this year, leaving behind an extensive body of work, a significant portion of which was dedicated to the rich tapestry of Sri Lanka's tea plantation industry.

Within his well-researched essay on the opulent Ceylon Tea Trails high-end tourist bungalows, Royston wrote descriptive profiles of 27 planters who resided in five distinct bungalows in Dickoya, spanning the years from 1880 to 2015. This compilation serves as an invaluable resource for both earnest historians and those with a more casual interest, offering sage insights into the formative years of five prominent tea estates and the visionary individuals instrumental in their prosperity.



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