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    Homadola, Upper

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    Jansz, J.O.

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    Jansz, J.O.

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  • Allan Cameron . Commented on Glasgow Estate

    Great photos. The bungalow looks pretty much the same as I remember it in the late 60s when my parents were here. Allan Cameron

    December 12,2017 12:03pm

  • Angela Walker . Commented on Mousa Ella

    Two typographical details: At Mousa Ella estate, the Asst. Manager 1920-1921 was Littleton-Geach, H W, (not Little Geach, G W) ; and the Manager 1926-1927 was Dendy, N H (not Derdy, N H).

    Dendy was at the time the manager of the nearby Tillicoultry Estate and took on the management of Mousa Ella while its bungalow was being rebuilt.

    Littleton-Geach then returned to Mousa Ella as Manager until 1936.

    He was a keen member of the Dimbula Athletic and Cricket Club at Radella. A fine right arm swing bowler, he took 7 wickets for only 3 runs in the match against Dickoya, March 22-23, 1933

    December 07,2017 09:46am

  • Upali Wijeyesekera . Commented on J D S Wickremesooriya & Co

    Who's transport company is older in Talawakelle - Wickramasooriyas or Hemachandras? Hemachandras? Hemachandras?

    December 06,2017 06:07am

  • Oliver Dashwood . Commented on Woywoltalawa

    I have photos of Wayweltalawa, and Dashwood and Clark would have been included, circa 1920. Is this the same place?

    November 30,2017 02:28pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Alton Estate

    Above left of the factory, amongst the trees, is the managers' bungalow and above right of the factory, on a field road from the bungalow, is the estate office whose situation may have been alright in the days of the horse but not so in 1964 when I arrived. As described in my book I moved the office to a new site on the cart road immediately below the managers' bungalow and converted the old building into a supervisors' quarters.

    November 29,2017 10:03pm

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    November 28,2017 01:38pm

  • Wijaya Kumara Balasuriya . Commented on Dambatenne Estate


    November 27,2017 05:03am

  • Premraj Thangavel . Commented on Sheen

    your father is Charles Wilson Nicholson ? seen pic in Dunsinaine estate office

    November 23,2017 02:44pm

  • Premraj Thangavel . Commented on Sheen

    Me too come from Pundaloya, Choisy estate , i was there 2 weeks ago, Sheen estate and Dunsinaine still maintained well, my wifes father was employed there , a beauty full place

    November 23,2017 02:39pm

  • Shahan Wijetunge . Commented on Dan Seevaratnam

    Very well said Sir.Trust,it would be understood by all concern & would take positive action!-Better late than never!!

    November 23,2017 11:15am

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on High Forest Estate

    It seems to be a very interesting and functional design and floor plan; one which makes good use of the site and outlook. The siting of the garage in the middle adds to these characteristics. As a designer I like it - from what I can tell from outside.

    November 20,2017 09:18pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Ralston Tissera

    An excellent planter, a very interesting personality and a great friend.

    November 20,2017 08:21pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Interview with former tea planter Ralph Wickremeratne

    A man of great integrity and one who planted with intelligence and skill.

    November 20,2017 08:14pm