Thanks Vicki for the memories of your dad and Scottish Tea's where I was the last new SD on Sarnia before he left for Aussie. My dad was Ruby Jayawardena who was the first Ceylonese planter in ST&L and he knew your dad well and was also on many of the Estates mentioned by you which rekindled many memories for me too! . It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with him !

    December 30,2019 09:09pm

  • Praveen Lokupothagama . Commented on Demodera Group (comprising Weyvelhena, Octumbe, Papolgashena, Rossett & Ingurugama)

    Currently the estate comprises of Weyvelheena, Oetumbe, Southam and Nethervile divisions. Photographs of the Superintendents from 1895 are also available at the estate office.

    December 30,2019 08:56am

  • Tharaka Wijerathne . Commented on Gamini Salgado - A Plantation Icon

    Very interesting

    November 26,2019 07:25am

  • Yoey Ratner . Commented on W.P. Hodgson

    William Pickering Hodgson was my great grandfather!

    November 26,2019 12:54am

  • Dinusha Kalansuriya . Commented on Nonpareil

    do we need to get a approval to visit Nonperial Tea Estate? if so, please provide a contact detail to do so.

    November 18,2019 06:49am

  • Shiran Mendis . Commented on Loinorn

    I was Superintendent of Loinorn fron April 1972 to January 1977

    November 15,2019 01:12pm

  • Sam Alexander . Commented on Talankande

    1928 - 1966 J. M. W. Stewart
    1966 - 1967 George Wickremasuroya
    1968 - 1971 Cecil E. Scharenguivel
    1971 - 1974 Jayantha Jayewardene
    1974 - 1974 C. N. P. Abeyewardena
    1974 - 1975 D. C. Yatawara

    November 09,2019 05:49am

  • Ian Hayley . Commented on The Hayleys Story: How a British Businessman Started One Of Sri Lanka’s Biggest Companies

    A fascinating account and I'm proud to be related to these Hayley's.

    October 05,2019 09:09pm

  • Patrick Vethecan . Commented on Scottish Tea & Lands Company Limited 1962-1972

    Well documented life story, Manfred. Congratulations.

    October 04,2019 03:03am

  • Josh Osoro Pickering . Commented on O Collett

    Is O. Collett a relative of Harold, Henry and Ian Michael Collett, who was also in the tea trade in India, Sri Lanka and East Africa?

    October 03,2019 11:11pm

  • Ronald Munaweera . Commented on Ekkeralle incldg. Opa Garden Y97

    To correct an error, my father moved from Pallakelle to Maliboda and then to Ekkeralle. He passed away in November 1958 while still in office at Ekkeralle.

    September 30,2019 12:11pm

  • Mahinda Wijesekara . Commented on Pambagama

    <img class="fb-comment" title="Pambagama Estate" src="images/fb/mahinda-wijesekara.jpg" alt="Pambagama Estate" height="120px" />

    September 24,2019 07:53pm

  • Martin John . Commented on Robert Boyd Tytler

    I would have to look in my records to provide more details but I have got Robert Boyd Tytler as descended from Garden Boyd (b. 1767, Turriff, Aberdeenshire). He is a distant relative of my wife's family (the Boyd-Moss 'clan') and there is an interesting Ceylon connection. Garden had a nephew, George Hay Boyd (b. 1796), son of Rev William Boyd of Crimmond, and a cousin to my wife's ancester, Mathew [sic] Boyd (b.1766, Kilmarnock). George sailed ships for Mathew and subsequently had a business relationship with his son, William Smith Boyd (b. 1795, Bermondsey), through the early coffee 'agency house' Acland and Boyd (founded in Ceylon in 1829 and suspended operations in 1847) which, according to Forrest (1967) brought out 'relays of young men' principally from Crimmond. I believe it was this family connection that led to Robert Boyd Tytler's move to Ceylon from Jamaica.

    September 22,2019 08:05pm

  • Rupert Navamani . Commented on THE KELLY’S OF KILLARNEY

    A friend of mine, very high up in the plantation industry of Sri Lanka ( present times ) showed me a photo of the log cabin referred to in my earlier comment, on his mobile phone and promised to sand me a copy of it, but sadly it has not happened todate

    September 17,2019 10:16am

  • Thomas Bateman . Commented on Vellai Oya SOUTH

    My Great Grandfather was a tea planter in Vellai Oya. His name was Alured William Bateman. My Grandfather, Alured Henry Whitby Gray Wolston Bateman was born in Kandy 18 August 1884.

    September 15,2019 01:16am

  • Stephanie Jenkins . Commented on K.J.T. Morland

    Please note that he is actually K. I. T. Morland (not K. J. T.). There is a biography of Kenneth Irvine Thomson MORLAND here on the website about the war memorial of St Margaret's Church, Oxford (in the parish where is mother was living): http://www.oxfordhistory.org.uk/war/stmargaret/morland_kenneth.html

    September 11,2019 08:48am

  • Ajit Jacob . Commented on Photos & Videos

    It's very nostalgic looking at The Bungalow and the environment that we spent a good part of our Childhood in the 60's.

    September 10,2019 10:45am

  • Ronald Ondaatje . Commented on Scottish Tea & Lands Company Limited 1962-1972

    Very interesting article Manfred and I loved reading it.I planted in Badulla on Telbedde and am now in Melbourne. You probably know who I am.I left Ceylon in 1984,being manager of Cannaverrella as my last position.

    September 01,2019 10:20pm

  • Ian Gardner . Commented on Dewalakande

    When I was resident here (1955-66) this garden, was about 2 acres as seen here: on the right it extends to about the edge of trees you see; on the left it includes the light green band of trees outside which is the continuing circular driveway (a section of which one can see running across the photo at the bottom (in grass), all the trees between the factory (green roof) and the office (red tiles) and has got badly overgrown. In the foreground, but invisible below the drive, are two more terraces: one narrow but right across the centre 2/3 of the garden and containing a line of white Frangipani [Aralia (Sin) or Plumeria] and the second about 20m in length but tapering in a rounded cone to form the front apex of the garden. This bottom "cone" used to be the orchard but I moved the fruit trees to the old tennis court behind the house and planted the periphery of the "cone" in a line of big trees like "yakada mara" (yellow leaf?) and a similar tree with purple flowers. Inside that I added a line, I think, (it could have been a random planting) of variously coloured Plumeria (araliya/frangipani). The idea being that from the upstairs verandah one would look down onto a beautiful array of colour and perfume. This was my last estate before leaving the country so I did not get to enjoy the result. . . . but that was not the point: the point was to improve the place for us and the others to come and the company/ies for which we worked.

    August 29,2019 09:25pm


    Good job. Congrads

    August 28,2019 10:43pm