Technical Paper 1 - Standards & Best Practices on Plantations

Dyan Seneviratne (2017)

(Dyan Seneviratne is a Member of the World Bank Expert Panel – Plantations 2017)

In this paper of mine I shall strive to show the reader examples of ‘attention to detail’ and making one realize that the ‘Planter’ is a multi-talented, forward thinking leader with constant zeal! Let us never make him feel inadequate and/or insignificant in the macro-image of the ‘plantation industry’ where the new investors are constantly demanding ‘high growth’ and bottom-line enhancement – buzz terms indeed! Simply put: don’t put the cart before the horse – ever! The profits will come – eventually. But plantations are not for ‘quick fix’, Fly-By-Night’ speculators!!

In reality today, Sri Lanka has the dubious distinction of having the lowest yield/ha [YPH] and consequently the highest cost of production [COP] out of all four major tea producing countries - namely India, China & Kenya. And if we don't look sharp, lesser tea nations such as Vietnam, Indonesia and even Turkey may overtake SL’s tea productivity!

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