FOUR Food Pairings to go with Ceylon Tea

Scott Anderson (2019)
BBQ Ribs
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Rich Dark Chocolate Cake

Ceylon Tea's nutty and malty flavor is absolutely delicious. It has quickly become a household favorite as it works so well as hot tea and iced tea. It is even known to work well as milk tea.

The best thing about Ceylon tea is that it is an absolute treat when paired with rich and savory dishes. These 4 dishes work perfectly when paired, and are a must try, with Ceylon tea.

This unique tea originated from Sri Lanka. It is rich in antioxidants and a great addition to your daily diet. It's easy to prepare, but packed with great flavor.

Ceylon tea's flavor is not too overpowering. You can drink this tea in many different ways. Maybe try Hong Kong style milk tea, lemon iced tea, or hot milk tea.

These four dishes are destined to work with the classic flavor of Ceylon Tea. As you begin to pair various teas with food, take a look at resources like to learn the flavor profiles that different teas have.


The combination of creamy tomato sauce, cheese, and pasta is a match made in heaven. Ceylon Tea works perfectly to cut the richness and to give your palette the fresh cleanse it needs to get the best taste out of every bite of your lasagna.

Both meat and vegetarian lasagna works well when paired with Ceylon Tea. And, the robust taste of Ceylon makes it perfect as iced tea and paired with your pasta dish.

You can make your iced tea simple and light with just a touch of honey. If you're particularly adventurous, you can create your own homemade milk tea. Just add any type of milk and sugar or fructose syrup from your kitchen, add ice, and you'll have a great milk tea pairing with your lasagna.

BBQ Ribs

Who doesn't love a great BBQ with iced tea on a hot summer day? Make your Ceylon Tea with a touch of honey and lemon, chilled to perfection, and it goes incredibly well with BBQ ribs and mashed potatoes.

Don't forget to only brew your ceylon tea bags for 10 minutes. Brewing it for any longer will leave a bitter taste in your tea. Time your brewing to get the best flavor out, without overbearing your tea.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Ceylon tea pairs really well with savory sandwiches. It is particularly complimenting to grilled cheese sandwiches. The richness of the tea, along with the texture of the toasted buttery bread, works beautifully with hot Ceylon tea.

You can experiment with different cheeses, bread, and seasoning. Any kind of combination of these ingredients will work with your Ceylon Tea. How you make your tea will be completely up to you.

Rich Dark Chocolate Cake

Any type of rich, dark, chocolate cake is an absolute treat with Ceylon tea. The tea is able to cut through the richness of the chocolate, but also help emphasize its flavor. This makes every bite of your chocolate just heavenly.

It's best to not add too much sugar or honey to your Ceylon Tea, as your chocolate cake would most likely be sweet enough for the pairing.


You can experiment with all of these dishes, or even explore other savory and rich dishes that you personally enjoy having. The combinations are endless with Ceylon Tea. You'll never run out of ideas to enjoy your tea alongside your daily recipes.


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