In Memoriam – Deaths in the UK in the 1980s of well-known personalities

Hugh Karunanayake (2021)

Deaths in the UK (in the 1980s) of some well-known personalities from mid twentieth century Ceylon.

Members of the Ceylon Society of Australia who may have known or worked with Britishers who were in charge of commercial companies, and estates, would possibly have wondered about their lives after returning “home”. Some notes kept by W.T. Ogilvy a former tea planter on Telbedde, Badulla, and Attampitiya, Bandarawela, have come into my possession. Ogilvy had served previously in India from 1937 to 1942, and during the war years in Burma as a rubber planter. He eventually retired to England from where he presumably observed with interest the progress of his countrymen in the colonial outpost then called Ceylon. Ogilvy had cut out newspaper extracts of obituary notes on funerals that took place largely in the 1980s, he himself presumably passing on after that.

The newspaper extracts displayed here are the obituary notices relating to N.W.G. Brown, R.A.G. McMichen, E.C.E. Shattock, and A.E. Blair.

N.W.G. Brown (Nick) - worked at Messageries Maritime Ltd, and later at Hayleys Ltd where he was a Director. He was a talented golfer and won many a tournament at the Royal Colombo Golf Club. He passed away on 8 October 1984.

R.A.G. McMichen - was Managing Director of James Finlay and Co for many years. He died on 10 January 1987.

E.C.E. Shattock (Garry) - was Managing Director of Shaw Wallace and Hedges, where his father E.M. Shattock worked as a Director of Lee Hedges and Co many decades previously. He died on 8 August 1988.

A.E. Blair - was a planter on Henfold Estate in the 1920s. He died at the age of 80 on 20 November 1984.

Other obituaries noted by Ogilvy are detailed below, and may be of use to family, friends, and genealogists, looking for significant information.

C. Allday – former planter on Delmar Estate, Halgranoya. Died in December 1984.

N.J. Bannerman – Formerly planter on Ledgerwatte Group, Badulla. Died on 21 February 1983.

B. Beadon – Former planter on St Leonards Estate, Halgranoya. Died 13 May 1984.

A.L. Cameron – Former planter on Edinburgh Estate, Nanuoya. Died 1 June 1982

Fred C. Charnaud – former planter on Hugoland Estate, Lunuwatte. Died on 25 January 1986.

P.R.U. Easteal – former planter on Waltrim Estate, Lindula. Died in Australia on 10 August 1986.

George D. Gordon – former Chairman of Hunter and Co. Died 30 April 1984.

J.F. Stacey Hawkes (Jack) - ) former planter on Holmwood Estate, Agrapatana. Died 5 June 1983.

P.C. Innes – former planter on Rosita Estate, Kotagala. Died 16 February 1981.

F.H. Keun – former planter on Luckyland Estate, Udapussellawa. Died 10 August 1982.

R.H.D. Manders – formerly of the Ceylon Civil Service. Died 18 January 1985.

F. Bruce Morrison - former planter on Anningkande and Handford Estates. Died 3 May 1981.

C.E. Norris – wildlife enthusiast and former planter on Kuttapitiya Estate, Pelmadulla. Died 29 January 1982 in Kenya.

Lindsay Picken - died 3 December 1980.

P.H.Podmore – former Director of Somerville and Co. Died 21 January 1983.

H. Smyth – former planter on Pansaltenne Estate, Ukuwela. Died November 1982.

D.G.E. Thomson – former planter on St. John Del Rey Estate, Norwood. Died in his sleep 27 November 1983.

Capt. E.R. Knox-White – former planter on Mahaousa Estate, Madulkelle.

E.N. Whitfield – former planter on Sapumalkanda Estate, Dehiowita. Died 26 March 1984.


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