Book Review – Wisdom in the Leaf by Gerry Jayawardena

S.D.G. Jayawardena (2020)

Let me at the outset congratulate the Chairman, Mr Merrill Fernando and Dilhan for the unique initiative and vision in embarking on this mission of recording the often-unrecognized aspects of tea industry in Sri Lanka.

Books and Books have been written on various aspects of Tea Industry in Sri Lanka but most of the publications have been on scientific aspects ,origin and evolution of Global Tea Industry, What is unique in this book is that it has primarily focused on Sri Lankan experience giving emphasis to and well recognizing the role of people involved in the Tea industry.

The fact that Chapter 1 and 2 are on personal Development and Human resources respectively has paid due recognition to the Planter who penetrated the virgin forests of the Islands mountains to establish this industry. Sustained commitment and dedication of Planters over the decades has not been adequately emphasized and recognized. The invaluable knowledge base in this industry has been transferred from one generation to other not via Universities and other educational Institutes like in most of other sectors but by the unique culture and traditions built by the Planters.

This Book covers all important aspects of Tea Industry from Tea cultivation to manufacture by including comprehensive information on land, water, soil, nutrient management and plant protection and finally harvesting and manufacturing. It is for this reason I am confident that this book is destined to become the Bible of the future Planters, University Students and many others.

What is unique is the Chapters on natural resources like water and forest conservation reflecting the fact that this industry has been fully aware of the importance of the environment for the sustainability. Information and emphasis on Climate change and its impact on crop productivity and profitability being a current challenge faced by the industry, has invited the attention of all to the importance of adopting climate change mitigation measures. Information on rain water harvesting practices adopted by our planters clearly depict the awareness of our old planters on the importance of these practices.

The last chapter on World Of Science, covering the health benefits of tea makes me to end my few words on review by saying that this book has covered all aspects of Tea Industry from Tea Leaf to Cup and beyond to the Gut. Future of tea industry will be certainly based on its Health Benefits .

S.D.G. Jayawardena

Former Director General. Department of Agriculture.

Former Chairman ( 2006 to 2015) Tea Research Board


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